Industrial Age Timeline bro Je Je!

  • Samuel Morse Send 1st Message

    Samuel Morse Send 1st Message
    This is the day on which Samuel Morse send the first telegraph message. The message read, "What hath God wrought?".
    This was important because the telegraph would be used a lot throughout American history.
  • Bessemer Process First Used

    Bessemer Process First Used
    A process that made steel a lot scheaper, discovered by Henry Bessemer. He basically made it so that they could take pig iron and removing the iron oxide impurities.
    This is important to this time period because it made steel a lot cheaper, and it made steel easier to mass produce!
  • Homestead Act

    Homestead Act
    This was a act passed to give land to citizens of the U.S. for free. These patches of lands would be large, typically 165 acres, and were refered to as "homesteads".
    This was important because this gave a lot of people with out land a place to start a life.
  • Bell Telephone

    Bell Telephone
    Alexander Graham Bell was the first man to create, test and succeed in making Americas frst working telephone. Although there some battles over the patent, Bell was victorious and claimed the title.
    This si important because the telephone has obviously been a big part of everyones life in America!
  • Phonograph Introduced

    Phonograph Introduced
    The phonograph played sound, it was one of the first "ipods", just really big, and not all. The importance of it was that it was the first of its kind. Nobody had ever invented such a device!
  • Edison's Light Bulb

    Edison's Light Bulb
    Thomas Edison is credited with making the world first working light bulb! He tried many ways and failed when making the lightbulb, but one way worked and revolutionized the way we see the world, in light! Get it? Good.
    This important because, well, its a friggen lightbub dude. Sheesh you should know this. It revolutionized the world, opened new markets, and civilized America a little more by adding lights on the streets.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Chinese Exclusion Act
    This was one of the most restricting acts when it came to immigration into America. The act prohibited chinese laborers to enter America for ten years!
    This is important because it was a very demanding and restricting act, we blocked them, just after they had constructed the Manhatten bridge. Mr. America sir, you're a douche.
  • Homestead Strike

    Homestead Strike
    This was a strike against the Homestead Act that had been passed earlier. They protested against the working conditions.
    This is important because it set the bar for American wrking conditions today.
  • First Model-T Produced

    First Model-T Produced
    Made by Henry Ford, who believed in mass producing cars for more citizens to afford. The model T made that idea a reality. It was cheap, affordable, reliable, and was America's first widely available cars.
  • NAACP Founded

    NAACP Founded
    NAACP, also known as the National Advancement of Colored People is a group that ensures the political, solcial, and educational equality of all citizens in the United States.
    This is important because it teaches people how all people are equal. It also offers pro bono legal defense in race related cases bro.
  • Titanic Sinks!

    Titanic Sinks!
    The Titanic was a very large passenger ship that sank form colliding with an iceburg. The ship was deemed unsinkable, well, think again...
    Only few survived the disaster to tell their story.
    This is important because this was a great accomlishment by American engineers, but turned to a tragity!
  • WWI Begins

    WWI Begins
    One of the biggest wars ever. This was known as WW1, as well as the "Great War". This war was fought mainly because of imperialism, as well as militarism, and nationalism, and an imediate cause by the assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand.
    This is important because there many casualties, and this is not the only world war.