Entertaiment projects for SKTCK

Timeline created by SKTCK
  • A dog's life

    A dog's life
    In this film Charlie saves a dog from other dogs and became fast friends. One day they went to cabaret where they saw a girl was sitting upset. They make her laugh by their drama.
    Uniqueness: The way of spreading moral message by the language of silence with some funny incident. Planned: This was planned to make was in 1918. Temporary: This film’s running time was 33 minutes. Deliverable: Entertainment by silent film was deliverable in this film.
    Photo taken from https://en.wikipedia.org/
  • The Sydney Opera House

    The Sydney Opera House
    This project was designed by Jorn Utzon .Since 1973, it has been home to the world’s greatest artists and their performances entertain people. The project is unique because it is one of the most recognizable buildings of the twentieth century and this opera house shows the fusion of ancient and modernist influence. - it was built on January 1963 and run from October 1973.
  • Rungrado 1st of May Stadium

    Rungrado 1st of May Stadium
    The main purpose of this stadium is to organize mass games, people come here from different country to see their favorite games. This venue holds many events from football to athletics. The project was executed by Kim IL- sung. The project was unique because it is the largest stadium in the world, with a capacity of approximately 114,000, occupies an area of 20.7 hectares. The project was built in 1986 and run from 1st May 1989.
  • Adventure City

    Adventure City
    Adventure city is an amusement park in Santon, California. Its Main sponsor is Coca-Cola company. 11 rides are in this park and most attractive ride of this park is Tree top Racers.
    Uniqueness: Every ride is unique by itself, but most attractive ride of this park is Tree top racers which is also known as vintage wild mouse roller coaster. Planned: It was opened in 1994. Deliverable: Its main deliverable is refreshment by adventures rides.
    Photo taken from https://www.skyscanner.com/
  • Wonderla - Amusement Park

    Wonderla - Amusement Park
    Wonderla (Bangalore) is a world class Amusement park which is ranked 1st in India and 7th Best in Asia. It was designed under the direct supervision of the owner Mr. Kochouseph Chittilapalli. The project is Temporary Because completed in 2005 with the budget of 105 crore INR (23.4 million NZD).The project is spread over 82 acres of land. The amusement park includes 55 land and water slides, musical fountains, laser shows, virtual reality shows and electronic controlled rides.
  • Sunburn Music Festival

    Sunburn Music Festival
    this project is organised by Shailendra Singh. it is unique because it is the third largest dance and music festival in the world. it is temporary because this festival is only organised once in a year. the outcome is that it welcomes international artist and it is amalgamation of music, fun, food and shopping also.
  • Tomorrowland 2019 - The Book of Wisdom

    Tomorrowland 2019 - The Book of Wisdom
    Tomorrowland is World’s largest Music festival which is based on electronic dance music. In 2019 July on its 15th anniversary tomorrow land came up with the theme ‘The Book of wisdom’. People from more than 75 countries participated in this Event.
    The project was organised by Manu and Michiel Beers.
    Project delivers music concert and entertainment. Project is unique because it is the World’s largest electronic music Festival.
    project is Temporary because it was ended in July,2019.
  • Avengers Endgame

    Avengers Endgame
    this project is executed by marvel studios. this movie is unique because it was one of the most expensive movie ever made in history and broke the box office records. it is temporary because it was launched in 2018 and the outcome of this movie was that it has earned 2.8 billion dollars.
  • Met Gala 2019 "Camp: Notes on Fashion"

    Met Gala 2019 "Camp: Notes on Fashion"
    The project was sponsored by Gucci and the main committee for the project was celebrities and philanthropists. The purpose of the project is for fundraising for Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute.
    The project was unique because the theme, committee and sponsors of the event is different each year and every project only being held for few months each year.
    The project was ended when the exhibition was ended on 9th September 2019.
    Photo from: https://www.thezoereport.com/
  • Indonesia Cultural and Tourism Festival 2019

    Indonesia Cultural and Tourism Festival 2019
    The project was held in Christchurch. The project was sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia and Wonderful Indonesia, and the project was executed by Wonderful Indonesia Generation NZ.
    The purpose of this project was to attract foreigner tourists to visit Indonesia and to introduce some cultures from Indonesia.
    This project was unique because each festivals that was sponsored by the same sponsor had different concepts and different routines to be performed.
    (Photos from : GenWi NZ)