Indio Concert Series

By Moderne
  • Contract Execution

  • Period: to

    Management Timeline

  • Creative Assets due

    Mediavest/other agencies will send Moderne all artwork (hi-res) and creative styleguide(s) needed for branded event takeaways and/or other media.
  • Period: to

    Negotiations with Screen Printing providers in each market

  • Bands and Venue list submitted for approval

    Moderne will submit to Mediavest a document containing all bands and venues that will be contacted and considered for concert performances. The document will include all relevant information, such as music genre and samples for bands, and size/popularity and photos of venues.
  • Period: to

    Concert Logistics Planning

    Band flights, accommodations,
  • Band/Venue Approvals

    Mediavest will approve/decline each individual proposed band and venue submitted by Moderne. Subsequently, any new bands or venues that Moderne wishes to consider will be submitted individually to Mediavest.
  • Period: to

    Band/Venue Negotiation and Booking

    Moderne will work with all approved bands and venues to determine dates, times and other details for each concert.
  • All giveaway items ordered

  • Concert - 1st Date

    Band 1
    Band 2 LA
    Band 1
    Band 2
  • Period: to

    Activation Timeline