Indie rock

Indie Rock

  • Introduction

  • The Greatest Gig of All Time

    The Greatest Gig of All Time
    Sex Pistols Live in Manchester 19764 June 1976 The Sex Pistols played a gig at the Lesser Free Hall in Manchester. This gig in some peoples opinion changed the future of music. This gig inspired many to make music of their own which created a better demand for indpenedant record labels. People who attended this gig were people from bands such as The Smiths, Joy Division, The Buzzcocks which later went to form indredibly talented Manchester origionated bands
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    instruments include Guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, vocals
    The are no typical characteristics of how indie should sound or should be made as it is different for each act, and the whole point is to be individual so its hard to pin point a typical indie structure
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    in 1982 two musicians Johnny Marr and Steven Morrissey form The Smiths with bassist Andy Rourke and drummer Mike Joyce. They became one of the most influencal names of the 80's releasing 17 UK singles and 4 Studio albums.
    Their debut album titled after themselves got to number 2 in the UK album charts and started to gain a reputation for independent record companies.This helped the Indie Rock genre to become popluar within the 1980's.
  • The Smiths make their Top of the Pops debut

  • Origins of Indie Rock

    Indie rock started in the mid 80's when people started giving the name 'Indie' (Standing for indpendent) to music made by indpendent DIY labels and music known as College Rock, played on college playlists in the US. Bands such as R.E.M and The Smiths started rejecting the popluar synthpop style of the 80's which gave the indpendent styles compared to 80's pop.
  • The Birth Of Indie Rock

    The Birth Of Indie Rock
    Indie was used as music produced by post-rock, and small low budget record labels.
    Indie started dominating college radios in the US using artists such a R.E.M and The Smiths.
    Indie comes from the word 'independent' which was used when bands were stepping away from the typical synthpop style in the 80's
  • Indie pop

    Indie pop
    The XX Indie pop and Indie Rock are very similar within origins, they were both influenced by independent record labels. the only difference is their sound indie pop is described as a less agressive, more melodic style of indie rock
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    In Aberdeen, Washington december 1987 Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic and Aaron Burckhard got together to form the origional line up for the band Nirvana. They released 3 studio albums in their seven years as a band. Little did they know they'd become one of the most influencial and best selling bands of all time. They spilt in April of 1994 following the suicide of frount man Kurt Cobain.
  • Surfer Rosa-Pixies

    Surfer Rosa-Pixies
    Giagantic was Pixies first single released in in 1988 and was on their first studio album 'Surfer Rosa'
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    Pixies are an american band from Boston, Massachusetts consisting of founding members Black Francis, Joey Santiago and David Lovering. They were massive influences on big names such as U2, David Bowie, Nirvana just to name a few. their extreme dynamic changes and restrained verses spread accrodd the indie/alternative culture.
  • Development

    In the 90's indie rock really develope and started to make its own name as a genre. Nirvana and The Offspring started commercialising and advertising making heir music more known which lead Indie Rock break into the mainstream. But as Indie artists became more mainstream the meaning of Indie started to change. It became known as bands that stuck to independent record labels instead of signing up to offers from true mainstream record labels.
  • Kurt Cobains Death

    Kurt Cobains Death
    Kurt Cobain was the lead singer for famous band Nirvana. Cobains suicide in 1994 was the reason for Nirvanas break up that year. Cobain was and still is a huge icon for the indie rock genre. Nirvana even to this day are listened to by many.
  • Live forever-Oasis

    Live forever-Oasis
    The song was written in 1991 by Noel Gallagher before joining the band later that year. It was voted number 1 on NME's Greatest Anthems in 2007.
  • Breaking Off

    Towards the end of the 90's as indie was still mainstream, more sub genres emerged out of indie rock such as lo-fi, noise pop, emo, sadcore, post-rock, space rock and math rock. Indie became more experimental with bands adding features from jazz, and electronic music which caused more sub genres to emerge from independent labels.
  • Indietronica

    As digital technology developed artists used electromic features such as synths into ther music to make it more modern, ready for the new millenium.
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    Indie was and is described as people who dont associate themselves with trends within society
    scarves, Converse shoes, Doc Martens, waistcoats, Vans Sneakers, cardigans, plaid shirts, beanies,vintagethin t-shirts, white or black full-zip hoodies, and parka coats are all examples of indie fashion
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    formed in 2002 in sheffield, Arctic Monkeys have become a modern day influence on the Indie Rock genre. Its band is made up of lead singer Alex Turner, lead guitarist Jamie Cook, Bass player Nick O'Malley and Matt Helders on drums. Theyve had 5 number 1 albums and won 7 Brit awards. They are one of the first bands who gained publicity through social media and the internet ie MySpace.
  • Arctic Monkeys Debut Album

    Arctic Monkeys Debut Album
    I Bet That You Look Good On The DancefloorWhatever People Say I am, That's What I am Not was the debut album for the legendary Arctic Monkeys. This album then became the fastest selling debut album selling an amazing 363,735 copies.
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    Alt-J are a british band from Leeds who formed in 2007 when Gus Unger-Hamilton, Joe Newman, former bassist Gwil Sainsbury, and Thom Sonny Green met at Leeds university.