Indie Rock 1982-1996

  • The Smiths fom.

    The Smiths were formed in early 1982 by Steven Patrick Morrissey, a writer who was a big fan of the New York Dolls and briefly fronted punk rock band The Nosebleeds; and John Maher, a guitarist and songwriter. Maher changed his name to Johnny Marr to avoid confusion with Buzzcocks drummer John Maher, and Morrissey performed under his surname alone.
  • The Smiths perform on Top Of The Pops

  • The Smiths release album 'The Smiths'

  • The Smiths release 'Meat Is Murder'

  • The Smiths release 'The Queen Is Dead'

  • Oasis' First Gig

  • Blur release their debut album 'Leisure'

  • Oasis Signed to

  • Blur Release 2nd album 'Modern Life Is Rubbish'

  • Blur release 'Parklife'

  • Oasis play Knebworth