• The police

    The police
    Trujillo joined the national polic, they have trained by the US marines. He became the commander in chief in 1925
  • The era of Trujillo

    The era of Trujillo
    He became the president, he won the 95% of the votes, he became know as The Era of Trujillo and he rename most importnt place by his name.
  • The Empire State Building opens.

    The Empire State Building opens.
    The tallest building in the woeld at that time, the empire State Building in New York City, It opened.
  • The agreement

    The agreement
    Trujillo signed an agreement that the Haitian President ending the complaining between two counties.
  • Black Sundy

    Black Sundy
    There were a huge dust storms in the Great plains, it caused by over plowed land and drought. it kept several years.
  • Massacre

    20000 haitians were killed by him and it became know as "EI corte".
  • Minerva's dream

    Minerva's dream
    Minerva is 12 years old and she wanted to go to school at inmaculada Concepcion.
  • WW2

    Hitler orders Nazi Germany's invasion of Poland. Two days later, France and England declare war on Germany, beginning World War II.
  • Minerva and Lina

    Minerva and Lina
    She meets Lina Lovaton, who got pregnant couple mounth later by Trujillo. But he didn't marry her.
  • Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor

    Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor
    on the morning of that day, Japanese launched an air attack on U.S Naval Base at Pearl Harbor.
  • President continu

    President continu
    He won again the votes and he became the president again.
  • Dede's flashback

    Dede's flashback
    Dede's father and her whole fami;ly was together, engouy the time that they are together, and her father was weathy and generous to neighbors.
  • D-Day

    At that day, the world most famous battle has bbeen started, the Normandy battle! In the early morning hours of June 6, 1944, the Allies launched an attack by sea, landing on the beaches of Normandy on the northern coast of Nazi-occupied France.
  • Maria Theresa

    Maria Theresa
    Maria Theresa is 10 years old and she gets a diary from Minerva to help her to record her thoughts.
  • Maria Theresa

    Maria Theresa
    She lies to principal to cover up for Minerva who is sneaking out.
  • Patria reture to God

    Patria reture to God
    She hears the voice of the virgin. After that, er faith is restored.
  • Patria broken heart

    Patria broken heart
    She lose her baby and she buries him, she started to lose her faith in God whne she lose the baby and also faith in Trujillo.
  • Dede and Mario and Lio

    Dede and Mario and Lio
    At saturday night, they play voleyball: Lio and Minerva caught in the bhushes, Jamito calls Lio dangerous and fea they may be reported by sppies.
  • Minerva and the party

    Minerva and the party
    Ther family went to the party and she dances with Trujillo and tells him that she wants be a lawyer, but Trujillo sexually aggressive and she slaps him.
  • Minerva wins the game

    Minerva wins the game
    She wins the game between her and Trujillo, she gets to study law and father released but he is a broken man know.
  • Maria's gradualte

    Maria's gradualte
    Mate graduates. Moves to capital to attend university with
  • Mate

    Mate is 21 yrs old and she moves in with Minerva, Manolo and their baby Minou. Minerva graduates but Trujillo won't let her practice law
  • Patri's marrege

    Patri's marrege
    Patria is 35 yrs old and has been married for 18 years, She has built marriage on rock but there are problems ahead.
  • Patria's religious

    Patria's religious
    Her religious retreat gets postponed, they gets bombed in church
    in Constanza on alst day of retreat.
  • Dede's dicision

    Dede's dicision
    She goes to priest for guidance but when she realizes he's part of the resistance, she runs away.
  • Family's travel

    Family's travel
    Family travels to capital to retrieve son who'll be sponsored by Jaimito.
  • Trujillo's behave.

    Trujillo's behave.
    Trujillo arrives in room full of journalists; he dismisses questions
    about human rights. Trujillo recognizes that Mirabal name and he is interest in Noris.
  • The assassination

    The assassination
    Maribal Sisters were trying to assassinated Trujillo, they got cut, but finally he released them.
  • The death of Trujillo

    The death of Trujillo
    He didn't got assassinated by Sisters but he got killed by a hail of bullets when his car was ambushed.
  • Dede's interview day

    Dede's interview day
    Dede was doing the interview with that women, and she was reauired to tell the women all she knows.
  • Dede's present life

    Dede's present life
    Dede is 69 yrs old and taking care of the family property with the help of servants. They show busloads of people through the house and museum dedicated to the Mariposas.
  • Dede and Jainito reconciled

    Dede and Jainito reconciled
    Minerva and Manolo drive Dede to sons and Manolo suggests another honeymoon for Dede and Jaimito to reconcile. It works.