Improvment of military weapons

  • Browning Model

    Browning Model
    Its a pistal. It is made in Belgin. wheighs 1.38 pounds. 7 rounds per min. Semiautomatic
  • Type 38

    Type 38 this rifle is from Japan, it also has a high accuracy rate. It was used in World War 2. The person using Type 38 had to be 5 foot 3
  • lugar po8

    lugar po8
    Its a pistol.1.92 pounds. Semiautomatic. It Shoots 8 Rounds , has a detachable box.
  • alfa 44

    alfa 44
    military factory .com It is made in Spain. The Alfa 44 is a Machine gun. It ti also gas operated.Its only Automatic. It shoots 780 rounds per minute.
  • smith and western model 77a

    smith and western model 77a Its an air gun. Its a shotgun so multi shot and pump action
  • accuracy international l 96

    accuracy international l 96
    military factory its a sniper rifle. 14 rounds per minute Its made in britan. It is also bolt action
  • Heckler and koch hk caws

    Heckler and koch hk caws
    military factory Its made in the U.S. It weighs 8 pounds. Full auto. Has a Deatachable box Magazine
  • Heckler and koch mp7

    Heckler and koch mp7
    Made in Germany. Gas Operated. 95 Rounds per minute. Its a submachine
  • barret m107

    barret m107
    Its a sniper. The sniper wheighs 30 pounds. Made in the u.s It shoots 10 rounds.
  • t68 splitfire

    t68 splitfire
    Its a paintball gun. Its green. The paintball gun has a magazine. its a .68 calibar