Important woman, Frida Kahlo

Timeline created by IreneJmz05
  • Her birth

    Her birth
    She Born on July 6 in Mexico City
  • Accident

    car accident with serious consequences: multiple fractures in his spine, pelvis and other very serious injuries.
  • The start

    The start
    She begins to paint during his convalescence
  • she married

    she married
    She marries Diego Rivera. The couple will live in the Blue House, Frida's childhood home.
  • A bad moment

    A bad moment
    She suffered her first abortion and in November of that year and for Diego Rivera's work reasons, they moved to San Francisco.
  • Love break up for a while

    Love break up for a while
    Frida divorces Diego Rivera, to get married again a year later.
  • Social improvements

    Social improvements
    She joins the Communist Party again, as a consequence of his faith in the Revolution and in social improvements.
  • She was ill

    She was ill
    She remains hospitalized at the English Hospital for a year.
  • threat

    Due to the threat of gangrene, his right leg was amputated.
  • Her death

    Her death
    She died on July 13 at the Blue House