Important Inventions

Timeline created by Venom619
  • J-SH04

    In the year 2000, SHARP created the first commercial camera phone. The creation of the J-SH04 was a breakthrough in cellular innovation.
  • Blu-ray

    Blu-ray was developed by Sony as a successor to the DVD format and was able to store tons of information. Blu-ray was a big step into storing large amounts of data.
  • The Iphone

    The Iphone
    The first Iphone developed by Apple Inc, became a revolutionary invention because it was the groundwork for all smartphones and laid the concept of an app store and using a touch-screen
  • T-Mobile G1

     T-Mobile G1
    Android Inc was bought by Google in 2005 from CEO Andrew Rubin. Then in 2008, T-mobile released the first Android phone known as the HTC Dream, or the T-mobile G1. This was revolutionary because of the open source software and integration with services.
  • Atomic Teleportation

    Atomic Teleportation
    In 2009, a team from the Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland successfully teleportation between 2 atoms a meter apart. This is a huge breakthrough for quantum computing, as early quantum computers and regular computers were used to complete the computations.