Important Events & Why

  • Nov 15, 1577

    Sir Francis Drake

    Sir Francis Drake
    Sir Francis Drake traveled west ward across the Pacific Ocean. He discovered another ship and defeataed the Armada.
  • Arthur A. Denny

    Arthur A. Denny
    Arthur A. Denny helped seperate Oregon and Washington. Without him, Oregon and Washington might have been one huge state all together. He is also Seattle's founding father.
  • Klondike Gold Rush

    Klondike Gold Rush
    The Klondike Gold Rush helped increase tourists and economy. About 4,000 people found Gold, and the Gold Rush was in Dawson City.
  • Federick Weyeraeuser

    Federick  Weyeraeuser
    Federick Weyerhaeuser is important because his company today, provides paper to most of the country. Federick is so important and an important person in society that he is inducted into the US Hall of Fame.
  • Chief Joseph

    Chief Joseph
    Chief Joseph is important because he was a peace maker, and he also made peace with his tribe and the United States. Chief Joseph ledd his tribe through 3 states, and once he got near Canada he had a surrender speech.
  • The Oregon Treaty

    The Oregon Treaty
    The Oregon Treaty is important because it had made a border line between two territories that were in war. The treaty was between the United States (US) and the United Kingdom (UK). The treaty also eliminated wars.
  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates
    Bill Gates is an important person because he changed the way people looked at computers, and raised over 28 million dollars for the Gates Learning Foundation. He invented Microsoft.
  • Dixie Lee Ray

    Dixie Lee Ray
    Why this person is important: Dixie Lee Ray is important because without her, there wouldn't be a Red Zone everytime volcanoes erupted. If she didn't create a red zone, a lot of lives could have been lost.
  • The Great Seattle Fire

    The Great Seattle Fire
    The Great Seattle Fire is an important event because without it, Seattle might look enitrely different than what it looks like today. Without the Great Seattle Fire, there might not be a tourist attraction to see what Seattle was before as well.