Important Events in Persepolis - By Kiara and Abdul

  • The British manipulate the Reza into giving up Iran's oil

    A British representative visited the Reza to influence him by claiming that if he gives Britain oil, the British will take care of the rest and he will become an emperor.
  • Marji is born

    Marji Satrapi is born to parents Taji and Eby Satrapi.
  • Marji titles herself a prophet

    Marji tells her grandmother about her thoughts, and she supports her. Yet when she opens up about it at school, she is laughed at and has her parents called in. Her parents aren't bothered by it though.
  • The Letter

    Marji helps her maid (Mehri) write back a letter to her love; the neighbour next door. Marji's father finds out and goes to tell the neighbour about Mehri's real identity after she claimed she was his daughter. In frustration, Marji and Mehri decide to join a demonstration, but Marji's parents end up finding out and punished them.
  • Back from Prison

    Marji's parent's friends (Siamak and Mohsen) arrive from prison. Marji meets one of their daughters, and upsets her by saying her father is already dead. Siamak and Mohsen both share their tales from prison, which frightens Marji and her parents.
  • Marji is meets her Uncle Anoosh

    Because she was looking for a hero in her family, Marji is instantly fascinated by her uncle's experience and his time in prison.
  • The Shah's downfall

    After a long wait, the Shah finally resigned from his place as ruler of Iran. His resignation was celebrated all around the country.
  • Things begin to fall apart

    After a quick celebration of the downfall of the Shah, things begin to crumble around Marji. Marji's friend moves to the U.S. Mohsen is found dead in his bathtub. Siamak runs away with his family. Then, Uncle Anoosh has 'moved back to Moscow'. But Marji knows the truth; he was arrested. She visits and hugs Uncle Anoosh one last time before he was executed the next day.
  • Rex Cinema Fire

    The Rex Cinema was set on fire. Police didn't allow anyone in until the firefighters came along 40 minutes later. 400 victims were claimed by the fire. A massacre rumoured to be initiated by the Shah.
  • U.S Embassy employees held hostage

    At first, Marji shows no sign of being bothered. It's when she finds out that she cannot be provided a visa to go the the U.S to see her friend Kaveh, she is saddened. The government shut down universities a few days later.
  • The Veil Issue

    Marji's mom is attacked and insulted by fundamentalists. People around Marji start to wear the veil and become more religious. Marji's parents go to a demonstration, but it goes wrong and they don't go back to any demonstration.
  • Girls were required to wear veils in school

    There were protests with people against the veil and people in favour of the veil
  • Boys and girls were separated into different schools

    All bilingual and mixed schools were shut down by authorities because they were 'symbols of decadence and capitalism'.
  • The War

    Marji and her parents come back home to find out that Iraq invaded Iran. Iraq drops bombs all over Iran, and Marji's family friends flee from a bomb to come stay with Marji's family. Marji finds out her friend's father died as a pilot.