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Important Events in Britni Jones' Life

  • Introduction

    Britni Jones was born on April 24, 1989. She is currently a senior attending North Carolina A&T State University. Britni will be discussing some of the most important events that have taken place in her life.
  • Never Forgetting Christmas

    Never Forgetting Christmas
    Christmas at age six will never be forgotten by Britni. The divorce of her parents made her feel like she no longer had a family. Although she was given many gifts, she felt saddened that she could not spend Christmas with her family in unison.
  • Britni's Freshman Year in College

    Britni's Freshman Year in College
    Britni's freshman year in college was the best of all her four years thus far. Her grades suffered severely but she took that as a learning experience to better her self as a woman. Freshman gave her the opportunity to branch out and meet new people which helped in finding her self.
  • First Open Mic

    First Open Mic
    Britni shared her first experience participating in anopen mic in college. Although she was scared, she wanted to conquer her fear of speaking in public. Now, she participates in these functions whenever they occur. Britni is also a great poet.
  • Niece was Born

    Niece was Born
    Britni will never forget the day her only niece was born. She cried and believes her sister was so blessed for bringing another life into the world. Britni hopes to have kids one day but she is more focused on graduating first.,
  • Blossoming into a Woman

    Blossoming into a Woman
    This picture means everything to Britni. This was her first picture that went into her modeling portfolio. Also, she feels this picture portrays a girl who has now blossomed into a woman.