important events

  • enlightenment age begins

    enlightenment age begins
    the enlightenment age is important because it gave way to many new scientific, and philisophical discoverys and ideas that changed the quality of life and even how sociaty and government worked.
  • revalutionary war started

    revalutionary war started
    the start of the revalutionary war is improtant becouse it showed that america had decided to becoume indepent and free of imperialism, a populer idea during this time
  • america wins the fight for independents

    america wins the fight for independents
    At the end of the revalutionary war america won and great britian recognized america as an independant country, allowing america to prosper independantly from great britians rule.
  • french revalution starts

    french revalution starts
    the french revalution is the start of revolt not only agianst imperialism (american revalution war), but agianst the current ways of governing that were in use during that time.
  • french kill the last of the monarchy

    french kill the last of the monarchy
    this is important becouse it means that now france is truly independant from monarchy and are governing themselvs.
  • enlightenment ends

    enlightenment ends
    although the enlightenment never truly ended at a specific time areound the 1800 people felt like the had improved sociaty enough and that it would be perfected in the future.
  • civil war starts

    civil war starts
    the civil war is improtant becouse it held more casualtys then any other war, it also threatend to unravle american government, and reinforce the enslavment of african americans
  • civil war ends

    civil war ends
    it was important becouse it was an end to a long and bloody war, it and also the end to ecanomic strain from the war. the end of the war also asured ounce agian that america good remain intact for many more decades to come.
  • slavery is abolished

    slavery is abolished
    this is important because it showed that every one was equal, and that unfair treatment had ended. it also was an end to rasims tawards minoritys and helped support the womens right movments in its early stages.
  • arch duke ferdinand assasinated by the black hand

    arch duke ferdinand assasinated by the black hand
    the assasination of arch duke ferdinand was what sparked what was known as the balken powder keg. this ultimutly started world war one wich was the war that modernized war fair closer to what we know today.