important dates of iran

By wab2570
  • Iran invaded

    Iran invaded
    Iran is invade by british and soviet forces.
  • The Shah gets power

    The Shah gets power
    With help from the United States and the United Kingdom, the Shah becomes ruler of Iran.
  • Revolt

    9 months of protests and violent government actions spark
  • The Shah leaves

    The Shah leaves
    The Shah fleas Iran and apoints Shahpur Bakhtiar as Prime-Minister.
  • Council of guardians

    Council of guardians
    The Council of guardians was created as an appointed and constitutionally 12 member council. It has considerable power and influence in the Islamic republic of Iran
  • Fresh Constitution

    Fresh Constitution
    Iran gets a new constitution stating a Muslim Theocracy.
  • 9/11

    Iran expresses sympathy for terorism in the U.S.