Imperialism of Nosfutorra

By kp1313
  • Overcrowding in Astera

    Overcrowding in Astera
    On the 12th of August 2039, the government of Astera realised that the country was beginnning to get overcrowded. This is when they realised they needed to find somewhere else to send people. The reason for the overcrowding in Astera was because a lot of other countries in the world were under attack. People all moved to Astera where they would be safe. Food was hard to share around and people were struggling.
  • Asterians discover Nosfutorra

    Asterians discover Nosfutorra
    On the 18th of September, Andrew Queen discovered Nosfutorra. There were a lot of natives already living in Nosfutorra. A whole new land, full of a new society. The Asterians had finally found a place where they could send people to fix their overcrowding problem. But first they would have to investigate.
  • Send people to look at Nosfutorra

    On this day they sent in people to look at the land, what/who might live there, etc. It was found that the land was home to the native Nosfutorrans. The Nosfutorrans weren't rich, but they had lots of room for Asterians to expand in to their country. The only question was if the Nosfuttorans would share their land. But the Asterians may have not had enough food to go around in their country, and they aren't rich. But they still have power over the Nosfutorrans.
  • Nosfutorra invaded by Asterians

    On the 2nd of October, the people of Astera started migrating to Nosfutorra, travelling by hovercraft.The crops in Nosfutorra were very good so the food was produced and shared around and everyone was happy, it seemed. Except for the natives. They were put into slavery and made to harvest the crops. They didn't want the Asterians in their land. But they couldn't do much about it. The Asterians even took over the religions their country followed, and the traditions and culture were ruled out.
  • Nosfuttorian community comes together

    The Nosfuttorian community comes together and decided something needed to be done about the Asterians. They'd had enough of their torture. They didn't want to be treated as slaves any longer. So they declared war. Thousands of men from each country were sent to war.
  • Nosfutorrans declare war on Asterans

    On the 2nd of January, the Nosfutorrans declared war against the Asterans. They were sick of being pushed into slavery and wanted to do something to save their country. Thousands of men from each counry were sent to war.
  • Women come together from both countries

    The women of Astera start to realise what pain they are going through, and they don't want to lose anymore of their husbands. They join forces with the Nosfutorran women and they try to convince the men that war is not the way to go with things. The men eventually listen.
  • War ends

    On the 1st of March, the Asterans surrender to the Nosfutorrans, promising to now share the land and become united as one. They are all treated equally. The crops are shared and the countries become a new society.