Technological Timeline

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  • 70,000 BCE

    Simple Stone Tools

    Simple Stone Tools
    Simple Stone tools created by Neanderthals in 70,000 BCE. Mostly was made from stones like Flint but sandstone and volcanic rock was used often as well.
  • 50,000 BCE


    a helpful tool to humans, first used to ward off animals and eventual used in tool making, cooking, and more. Found some point in Old Stone age
  • 35,000 BCE

    More advanced stone Tools (e.g. Spear)

    More advanced Stone tools. Usually Involved a head and a shaft. A sharpened rock attached to the end of a stick would create a stone-headed spear. It would be used for hunting. The weapon can be used in the hands for distance attacks or thrown. Other types of technology like harpoons and the bow and arrow are very similar to this weapon and were made the same way.
  • 10,000 BCE


    The New stone age gave way to Mechanical processes like pottery. Making bowls out of clay and baking it would harden the shape and allow it to be used for urban civilization
  • 6,000 BCE

    Potter's Wheel

    The Potter's Wheel was used for making Pottery more easily. This is the first type of wheel that was invented and would eventually lead to the creation of the one we are familiar with in present day.
  • 3,500 BCE


    The invention of the Wheel was very important to technological history because its the first major development in travel on land. The Wheel had to be perfectly round and the axle had to allow the wheels to rotate freely but also fitting snug enough not to fall out.
  • 3,000 BCE

    Early Metal Work (e.g. Gold Jewelry)

    In 3,000 BCE metalworkers were able to take soft metals like Gold and Copper and form them into cosmetics like decorations and jewelry.
  • 2,500 BCE


    The constant flooding of the Nile River allowed for an innovation that helps create sustainable soil to create rich harvests. Its these innovations that helped push humanity forwards.
  • -500 BCE

    Iron Weapons

    Smelting iron and shaping it into weapons and for other uses allowed for stronger weapons and access to stronger material for building.
  • -300 BCE


    Roads were perfected by roman craftsmanship. Roads allowed easy travel and helped Rome with its military conquests. Roads allowed a first look a what would be to come for civilization.
  • 100


    Inventions like the Horseshoe, the horse collar, and stirrup made the horse into a much more useful animal to humans. The collar allowed horse to become a better draft animal then Oxen and the stirrup allowed the horses to be ridden and used in warfare.
  • 1250

    Increased Ship Technologies

    Inventions like the lateen sail, Stern-post Rudder, and the magnetic compass made ship travel much easier and faster then before. The triangle lateen sail gave much more wind power, the rudder allowed the ship to be more maneuverable, and the compass allowed easy navigation in any weather.
  • 1300


    This is the beginning to modern weaponry. This would be used in artillery like cannons. Gunpowder was introduced to Europe around 1300's but it was known in Asia a little bit before this date.
  • 1400


    due to Blast furnaces allowing molds, the first type of firearms started being made, these firearms are awkward, cumbersome, and took a very long time to reload. but this is where cannons lead too. These weapons only get smaller, more powerful, and easier to use over time.
  • The Steam Engine

    The steam engine was one of the biggest inventions during the Renaissance. The first one was patented to take water out of flooded mines.