Impacts on Australia

By 176000
  • American War of Independance

  • American Decloration of Independance

  • Edmund Cartwright patents a power loom

  • The French declaration of the rights of man and citizen (which says nothing about slaves of women- The French Revolution

  • Tom Plaine's The rights of man is published

  • First Steam Locomotive is operating in Penneydarren, Wales

  • Luddite riots destroy machines in factories

  • George Stephenson begins a rail service from London to Liverpool

  • Chartism, a working-class movement for male voting and other rights

  • Abolition of salavery in the British empire

  • Great Western is launched in Britain, the first steamship was built for ocean voyages

  • Meji Restoration in japan; feudelism is abandoned and capitolism is embraced

  • The german unification after the Franco-Prussion War leading to Germany's rise as and imperial power

  • Brooklyn Bridge, New York, is opened

  • USA wins Spanish-American War and takes control of Guam, the Phillipines, Puerto Rico and (for a time) Cuba

  • Guglielmo Marconi invents wireless radio

  • First Zeppelin airship is built

  • Russo- Japanese War; Japan defeats Russia