Impact Of ICT

  • First Ever Computer

    It was the first computer ever made and the creator was Charles Babbage.
  • Tesco Clubcard

    This is a card that gives you points to spend in the store. To get point you have to spend over £50.00
  • The Data Protection Act

  • First XBOX

    This XBOX was realy bad because the IT was not very good
  • Qzone Created

    This is a chinese social networking site.
  • Twitter Invented

    Twitter is also a social website
  • Facebook Invented

    Facebook is a social website where you can chat to people and hear the latest news.
  • iCloud

    This is a storage device by
  • First Robotic Car

  • First Passenger Jet

  • Special K

    Special K is a lightly toasted breakfast cereal manufactured by the Kellogg Company. Its also kieran
  • 16G

    I think that this will come true in about 50 years.