Immigration timeline

  • Marta Portillo

    Marta Portillo
    My granmother Marta Portillo came from Guadalajara Jalisco In 1962. She was a nurse for a very long time but grew tired of her job so she came to America searching for a new life and to start over. She had to go through many obstacles to get to America. All she had on her mind was beginning a new life. The way she came to America was by a coyote which is a person who smuggles immigrants across the border. She later found her husband and had her first child.
  • Junana Torres

    Junana Torres
    My mother came to the united states by a rich family. She was smuggled in by them and she worked with them for a while with a baby. She escaped after a while with her daughter and live here now in ac.
  • Rafael Villa

    Rafael Villa
    My dad came to America in 1985. He lived in Mexico and went to school there. He decidede to come to America because there was no work oppertunities in Mexico. When he came here he found a job and met my mother and they started a new life.
  • Alicia Loza

    Alicia Loza
    My mother came to the United States in order to escape poverty and seek a better life.