Immigration in Eastern Iowa

  • Postville, Iowa Immigration Raid

    Postville, Iowa Immigration Raid
    Story390 undocumented workers were detained by federal agents at a matpacking plant in Postville, Iowa. It was the largest immigration raid of all time.
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    Immigration in Eastern Iowa

  • Sanctuary City Committee Proposal

    An Iowa City group called the Sanctuary City Committee called for the adoption of a full sanctuary city policy in Iowa City.
  • City Council Immigration Decision

    The Iowa City City Council opted not to adopt a sanctuary city proposal from the Human Rights Commission. The city attorney and police chief argued that such a policy would not be able to coexist with the recently adopted Security Communities policy.
  • Hiawatha, Iowa Immigration Raid

    Hiawatha, Iowa Immigration Raid
    StoryNine roofers were arrested in an immigration raid in Hiawatha, Iowa.
  • "We Are Iowa City" Survey

    The HRC conducts a survey of the Iowa City immigrant community to gather information for their upcoming policy suggestions on immigration policy reform.
  • HRC Modified Proposal

    The Human Rights Commission submitted a revised set of proposed immigration reforms to the City Council.
  • City Council Adopts Reforms

    The City Council voted to adopt some of the Human Rights Commission's proposals for making Iowa City more accessable to immigrants, including multilingual signage and more leniant personal identification requirements.