Illustrated WWI Timeline

  • RIP Ferdinand

    RIP Ferdinand
    A Serbian assassin shot Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary and his wife Sophie. Eastern Europe was having conflicts with the many different cultures and countries. The young Gavrilo Princip thought that by murdering the Archduke, it would resolve all their problems. But two wrongs don't make a right.
  • To Arms!

    To Arms!
    Ever since Ferdinand's assassination, the country had been boiling up. Threats turned into action and Austria-Hungary mobilized. They declared war on Serbia.
  • Lusitania

    Unrestricted submarine warfare is when Germany shot at all ships trading with Britain, including those of neutral countries. They would be sunk without warning! On this day, a German sub sank the British ocean liner Lusitania killing 1,198 people and over 100 American Civilians. The United States was outraged. Germany promised to no longer attack merchant ships but unrestricted submarine warfare policy rose again. America's relationship with Germany turned sour.
  • Housatonic

    German U-boat sinks U.S. cargo ship Housatonic. The United States breaks off diplomatic relations with Germany the same day. Unfortunately, war was sure to follow.
  • Zimmermann

    Germany wrote a telegram to Mexico that was intercepted by the British. If America joined the war, Germany offered to help Mexico take land from America if Mexico helped in return. When the Zimmermann Note was published this day in the U.S. Papers the public was again outraged.
  • This Means War!

    This Means War!
    With the sinking American ships and Germany's attempt to use Mexico to distract America, America had grown tied. United States of America was sucked into the first world war.
  • I Want You!

    I Want You!
    The Selective Service Act was passed, every able man was obligated to join the military. More than 3 million Americans to be drafted. Not everyone was happy about this new act. The song lyrics of "I didn't raise my boy to be a soldier" was a moving way to express what some people thought of the war. I didn't raise my boy to be soldier
    I brought him up to be my pride and joy
    Who dares to place a musket on his shoulder
    To shoot some other mother's darling boy?
  • France

    First American troops land in France. Many of the troops had little training and were ill supplied, basically not exactly ready for combat. They were given the nick name of Dough Boys by the British.
  • Fourteen Points for Peace

    Fourteen Points for Peace
    President Wilson never wanted war. He gave “the 14 point speech” about the moral side of the war. It was delivered to establish moral goals for America's participation in World War I. For freedom of the seas, an end to secret treaties and negotiations, equal free trade, weapons reduction, and independence for small countries.
    Unlike most war speeches, it didn't talk about punishing the enemy or gaining money. It was designed for ensure freedom, togetherness as human being, and peace for all.
  • Treaty of Versailles

    Treaty of Versailles
    Treaty of Versailles is signed, the war is over! Like in Wilson's 14 point speech, he didn't want to punish Germany, he knew that if it would destroy Germany and that would lead to more war. But the nations decided to get revenge on Germany stating that the war was Germany’s fault and put the country into debt. This caused protests in Germany against the treaty of Versailles.