Idustrial Revolution Iron and Steel

  • Smelting Iron and Steel

    The first attempt at smelting Iron and Steel in Australia was in 1848 near Mittagong in New South Wales.
  • Period: to

    Smelting In Victoria

    Another attempt was made in Victoria in 1873, with the formation of the Victoria Iron Company which later became the Lal Lal Iron Mining Compnay in 1874.
  • Blast Furnace

    In 1875 a small blast furnace was built and operated during the 1880s but was never an economic proposition. An employee was sent to Britain to learn the technology of which they constructed the blast furnace, it was 5 years before before Victoria got it to a satisfactory state. One of the products it made was the Iron locomotive wheels.
  • Smelting Fail

    The smelting plant that was made was not economical and by 1877 it closed down.