I dont want to be crazy- Samantha Schutz Non fiction

  • nov. 18,2012 I dont want to be crazy

    the main charecter is going to college. she always says that she hates high school. she does drugs and drinks and stuff. her parents dont know. her roommate does to and she has a boyfriend.
    pages read 1-30
    running total 1671
  • november 19 2012 I dont want to be crazy

    her boyfriend breaks up with her. she hooks up with a random guy and keeps on becuase she misses her boyfriend. her and her roommate go out almost everynite and she gets high all the time.
    pgs. read 30-60
    running total 1701
  • november 20, 2012 I dont want to be crazy

    she has to work becuase she gets into college for free. she makes alot of new friends that she doesnt keep and she just goes trough school randomly. she goes home for thanksgiving and its awkward and she talks to some of her old friends.
    pages read 60-90 running total 1731
  • november 21 , 2012 I dont want to be crazy

    samanthas sister drops out of high school and she feels that she is the big sister. she likes being home for being with family and having a break from school but she hates having to be under rules. pages read 90-120
    running total 1761
  • november 22,2012 I dont want to be crazy

    samantha thinks she is having anxiety attacks. she gets pills suscribed to her. everyday during all of her classes she asks the teacher to leave she goes to the bathroom sits down and puts her head inbetween her legs and breaths.
    pgs read 120-150 running total 1791
  • 23 november, 2012 I dont want to be crazy

    she has to get a ton of more pills. she doesnt know whats wrong with her and she doesnt want to admit she might be crazy. she has lost almost all of her friends becuase they think shes crazy and dont like her new attitude
    pgs read 150-180 running total 1821
  • i dont want to be crazy

    she is having panic attacks at school. she goes to see a therapist and they tell her that she just needs to adjust to college life but she knows its more than that. she is offically crazy she screams in class and everyone stared at her
    pgs read 180-230 running total 1871
  • i dont want to be crazy

    she is taken out of college and put into a mental hospital. she trys to hurt herself and she cuts her self. none of her family talks to her anymore or visits her and she lost all of her friends. she takes medication all day and she tries to fight it and tells herself shes not crazy. pgs read. 230-280 running total 1921