Hush, Hush - Becca Fitzpartrick- fiction-391 pages

  • hush, hush Pg. 1-65

    Nora cant understand her feelings for her biogogy partner Patch. In a way he scares her but in another he excites her and the danger lures her in. Shes been being followed by a fiqure in black and doesnt know who it is. the figure in black even hit her car and tried to get her inside.
  • Hush, Hush Pg. 69- 167

    Nora has been able to determine a few more things. She does have feelings for Patch , and Elliot is just as dangerous is Patch might be. eee was attacked by the figure in black and robbed while she tried to lead off the stalker wearing noras clothing. Now Nora doesnt know whos to trust and where shes safe.
  • Hush Hush pg. 208-250

    Nora is still trying to congure up ideas of who her stalker could be. While at the library Nora got into an argument with Marcie Miller. She only told Patch about the argument and later that night Marcie was bruttally beaten up and hospitalized. Police directed there attention to Nora but Nora believes Patch hurt Marcie so she would stop bothering Nora. The two went out on a date later the next day for a game of pool and dinner. When Patch brought Nora home her mom was there to question the two.
  • Hush Hush pg. 251-391

    Nora soon finds out all of Patch's secrets. Hes a fallen angel that left heaven in the hopes of becoming a human. When the rumors were wrng he could not go back and was left fallen, always craving human possesion. The book of Enouch says that if he kills his human offspring and sacrafises there desendant "Nora" he will become human. Jules Eliotts friend turns out to be that offspring and trys killing nora. Nora kills herself but comes back because Patch didnt take her sacrafise cuz he loves her.