Hurricanes in Puerto Rico

  • Tropical Storm "San Cirilo"

     Tropical Storm "San Cirilo"
    The storm was mostly experienced in the southwest area of the island and produced rains of 5 to 6 inches in 72 hours in Barranquitas, Caguas and Humacao. The wind report of San Juan was of 52 mph and a pressure of 29.60 in/hg (1002 mb).
  • Tropical Storm "San Vicente"

    Tropical Storm "San Vicente"
    The wind report from San Juan was of 52 mph and a pressure of 29.89 (1012 mb). The storm affected all the crops in Puerto Rico, specially the citrus.
  • Hurricane "San Felipe II"

    Puerto Rico was devastated by the storm and the towns were the eye passed directly over were the worst affected with many places becoming unrecognizable after the event. At least 312 deaths were related to the hurricane. Damage estimates are of $50,000,000 dollars (Which for that time is a very high amount). A total of 24,728 houses were completely destroyed and 192,444 were severely affected. Almost no building in Puerto Rico survived the hurricane without any damage 2.
  • Hurricane "San Ciprián"

    Hurricane "San Ciprián"
    Damage in Puerto Rico was extensive all across the island and 225 people died as a result of the storm, damage estimates are of $30,000,000 dollars. Many of the deaths were caused by the collapse of buildings or flying debris. A total of 25,000 people lost their homes and 46 municipalities were severely damaged. In the agriculture, the citruses were the worst damaged because they were in the worst affected area.
  • Hurricane "San Calixto"

    Winds of 60 mph were reported in the west of Puerto Rico, this caused damage to houses from Cabo Rojo to Aguadilla. Rains of 12 to 18 inches caused flooding in the rest of the island. No deaths were reported.
  • Hurricane Betsy (Santa Clara)

     Hurricane Betsy (Santa Clara)
    Damage made by "Santa Clara" in Puerto Rico was bad in the southeast, central and northern areas of the island, the hurricane did not impact very much the southwest side. A total of 16 peopled died in the storm and 15,000 houses were destroyed. Damage estimates are of $40,000,000 dollars.
  • Hurricane Donna (San Lorenzo)

     Hurricane Donna (San Lorenzo)
    Damage in Puerto Rico was mainly due to rain, not much wind was experienced in the island. Rainfall amounts were tremendous with estimates of 15 to 20 inches of rain in a 6 to 10 hour period, which can be a record for Puerto Rico. These excessive rainfall amounts caused all rivers to flood over their banks killing 107 people by drowning. The worst floods occurred in the eastern half of the island with much of the deaths registered in the city of Humacao were the river claimed most of the lives.
  • Hurricane Inez

     Hurricane Inez
    Damage was minimal in Puerto Rico.
  • Tropical Storm Eloise

     Tropical Storm Eloise
    This resulted in very extensive wind and storm surge damage in the area and also an outbreak of tornadoes associated with the storm. In Puerto Rico the damage was caused by very heavy rainfall and extensive flooding around the island. The southwest side was the worst affected and 44 people died by drowning.
  • Hurricane David

     Hurricane David
    The seas became extremely violent in the south coast of the island and flooding was severe all across the island, specially in the north coast. A total of 7 people died during the storm.
  • Tropical Storm Frederick

     Tropical Storm Frederick
    In Puerto Rico the damage was caused by flooding and damage estimates cannot be separated between David and Frederick, and are a total of $125 million dollars.
  • Hurricane Hugo

     Hurricane Hugo
    In Puerto Rico the damage was extensive in the east half of the island and it was specially severe in the eastern and northeastern areas of the island from Humacao northward to Rio Grande with 115 to 140mph sustained winds estimated based on damage, Roosevelt Roads Naval Station was very hard hit along with the mentioned area. Damage in the rest of the areas including San Juan was also extensive but at a lesser amount and the west and south sides of the island were left either with minimal or no
  • Hurricane Luis

    Hurricane Luis
    Heavy surf caused erosion in the north coast and some trees down and moderate river flooding where the results of the passage of the storm through the region. In the Northern Leeward Islands the story was a lot different with 16 people killed and 2.5 billion dollars in damage.
  • Hurricane Marilyn

     Hurricane Marilyn
    The damage in the main island of Puerto Rico was minimal again but Vieques and Culebra did not escape the core of the hurricane.
  • Hurricane Bertha

     Hurricane Bertha
    Damage in the island was relatively minimal with trees down, power outages and river flooding. Three deaths were reported, two died in an automobile accident during the storm and one surfer was drowned.
  • Hurricane Hortense

     Hurricane Hortense
    the devastating flooding caused 18 casualties, 3 people missing and nearly 12,000 homes affected.
  • Hurricane Georges

     Hurricane Georges
    Puerto Rico was hard hit by Georges with up to 72,605 houses affected by the storm of which 28,005 houses were completely destroyed. More than 26,000 people took shelter during the storm and a very high number was still in shelters during the aftermath of the hurricane.
  • Tropical Storm José

     Tropical Storm José
    Damage in Puerto Rico was light with river flooding and some wind damage in Culebra were power was also lost during a short period.
  • Hurricane Lenny

     Hurricane Lenny
    Damage in Puerto Rico was again very minimal with some mud slides, trees down and heavy surf in the southeast coast which brought erosion.
  • Hurricane Debby

    Hurricane Debby
    Debby in the area was very heavy rainfall that caused flooding in the entire country, specially in the area of Ponce and the northern coastal valleys, this heavy rainfall came after the storm moved away from the area when the main feeder band brought up to 12.63 inches of rain measured at Rio Piedras. An indirect death was also reported when a man fell of the roof of his house trying to remove and antenna.
  • Tropical Storm Jeanne

     Tropical Storm Jeanne
    Damage in both the Bahamas and Florida was widespread mainly due to the fact that hurricane Frances hit the same area just two weeks earlier.