Hunger Games Timeline

  • Gale teaching Katniss basic traps

    This is helpful because even if she didn't go to the hunger games she could them if gale wasn't around. Since she did go the hunger games she used them to hunt for food to give her energy so she could stay alive.
  • Cinna making her look good

    in the book the everyone thought they really good. This helps because this made them have a lot of good sponsors.
  • Haymitch helping Katniss to train for the interview

    Thiis is helpful because it can help you "win" sponsors. The more sponsors you have the more likely you will get good stuff and more likley that you will survive.
  • Rue using the tracker jackers to help save Katniss

    This is good because Katnis was almost about to be caught. If she got caught caught she would most likely be killed.
  • Rue and Katniss become allies

    This is helpful because Rue helps heal Katniss a bit and helps with food. Rue actually meant the alliance.
  • Rue uses leaves to realve pain

    This is helpful because Ktatniss had bad pain in her tracker jacker stings.
  • Haymitch and sponsors send a nice dinner

    This is good because they are very hungry and this helps fill them up.