Hunger Games Part 2 Timeline

  • Chapter 11

    Katniss sucesfully gathers a backpack, bread, and a tarp. She also has a knife snce one one the tributes threw it at her and hit her backpack while she is running towards the woods.
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    Chapter 11 part 2

    Katniss does not find a source of water. She searchs the back pack and it contains a sleeping bag, a bottle, iodine, and a little food. She sets up camp in a tree. A little after the canons go off, 13 in all. There is a fire nearby, and a group goes towards the fire.
  • Chapter 12

    The group of other tributes have Peeta with them. The group eventally leaves, Katniss climbs out of the tree and heads in the oppisite direction.
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    Chapter 12 part 2

    Katniss kills a rabbit in a nearby snare she set and eats it.
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    Chapter 12 part 3

    Katniss is becoming dehydrated and gets increasingly frusterated since she has no sponors yet.
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    Chapter 12 part 4

    Katniss calapses in a puddle of mud. She then finds a small pond and rehydates for a few hours before climbing a tree to spend the night in.
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    Chapter 12 part 5

    Katniss falls asleep in the tree. She is then woken to a huge fire moving toward her...
  • Chapter 13

    Katniss runs from the fire. The smoke makes her sick and by the time she recovers fire balls are shot toward her direction.
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    Chapter 13 part 2

    Katniss starts running again dogging the fireballs as she runs. She sick again and a fire ball brushes her leg and burns her calf. She also burns her hands as she puts out the fire.
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    Chapter 13 part 3

    Katniss eventally out runs the fire and she crawls into a pond. As she recovers the tribute pack comes by so she climbs a tree for safety.
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    Chapter 13 part 4

    As the tributes wait out Katniss, she sees a tribute named Rue. As she notices Rue, Rue points out something on the tree where katniss is....
  • Chapter 14

    Rue pointed out a hornets nest to Katniss. Katniss thinks that it is a Tracker Jacket nest.
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    Chapter 14 part 2

    Katniss saws off the branch with the nest down onto the other tributes as the fallen tributes are prjected into the sky.
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    Chapter 14 part 3

    Katniss decides to wait till morning to saw the branch off. She sees she had a sponcr and the item was burn oitment.
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    Chapter 14 part 4

    Katniss warns Rue as she saws off the branch. The swarm stung her a few time. And as the tributes run away she does too. She remembers the bow and goes back for it. By the time she gets the bow and arrows she starts hiluciating and shee Peeta. She runs away again and passes out.
  • Chapter 15

    Katniss wakes up and remembers Peeta saving her. She does not know why. She is on the move again for water and food.
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    Chapter 15 part 2

    As Katniss finds water and starts to cook a kill she sees Rue again. Rue then uses a remidy involving plant to remove the venom fro Katniss's stings.
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    Chapter 15 part 3

    What Katniss thought was sunglasses were acually night vission glasses.Rue tells her how messed up her distrect was. They begining planning to take out the career tributes suplies.
  • Chapter 16

    Katness and Rue hunt. They hear the canon go off, another one bites the dust. They also learn that all the career tribute's food is in the open and that only one boy guards it.
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    Chapter 15 part 2

    Katniss and Rue devise a plan. Rue will make three fire as katniss goes to take out the food. Rue also teaches Katniss the mockingjay song.
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    Chapter 15 part 3

    Katniss goes to raid the camp and the career tributes notices one of Rue's fires so they leave. Katniss also learns that Peeta is cut badly.
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    Chapter 15 part 4

    Katniss sees a girl she calls Foxface carefully go to the pile of supplies and steals some. Katniss realizes that there must be land mines around the supplies.
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    Chapter 15 part 5

    Katniss lets Foxface leave then she shoots a bag of apple on the pile of supplies. The apples hit the ground and set off the landmines destroying the supplies.
  • Chapter 17

    Katniss is dizzy from the explosion and can not walk. So she crwals away.
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    Chapter 17 part 2

    Katniss makes to where she would meet Rue but she is not there. She ends up hearing the mockingjay song and following it. She finds Rue in a net and she gets stabed by a boy from District 1.
  • Chapter 18

    She kills the boy inmiditly. She is upset from Rue dying and makes taking down the career tributes personal.
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    Chapter 18 part 2

    Katniss roams aimlsy hoping to bump into the tributes. As she makes camp she recieves a sponcor with bread that she knew was from Distrect 11. She thanks them.
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    Chapter 18 part 3

    As Katniss is hunting down tributes there are trumpets anouncing that there was a rule change. If two tributes from the same distect are the last ones alive they both will be victoriuosly.
  • Chapter 19

    Katniss goes and tries to find Peeta now. She ends up finding him camofloughed in mud hidding.
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    Chapter 19 part 2

    She notices Peeta is hurt badly and takes himn into a cave. She ends up getting soup to feed him from a sponcor. It's Haymitch and he wants they to show romance.
  • Chapter 20

    The two now stayed the night together and Katniss fails at being romantic. She then tells a story about getting Prim a goat for her birthday. Soon after a anouncement about a feast with medicene and such will be there.
  • Chapter 21

    Katniss decides to go to the feast in order to save Peeta. She sees Foxface sprint and grab her backpack.
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    Chapter 21 part 2

    Katniss runs for hers and gets pinned by a girl named Clove. She says she will kill her like Rue.
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    Chapter 21 part 3

    Just as Clove was going to kill her a boy named Trash grabed her and smashed her head open. Katniss explains the ordeal with Rue and Trash calls it even.
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    Chapter 21 part 4

    Katniss makes it back to the cave and inject the medice in the backpack she got into Peeta's arm.
  • Chapter 22

    Peeta is recooperated and a Katniss is now sick from a wound on her head. She tells Peeta about the feast. Katniss and Peeta talk about Trash and Cato and Katniss starts to cry and wants to go home.
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    Chapter 22

    Peeta becomes upset about how much Katniss has been through and Katniss uses this time to get gifts from haymitch. They reminence and they kiss. They end up getting a basket full of food.
  • Chapter 23

    Katniss and Peeta go hunting and are unseccecfull so they split up. Soon after Katniss hears the canon and thinks it's for Peeta and panics. She ends up seeing the barries peeta gathered and then sees Peeta.
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    Chapter 23

    Peeta explains hisself. He then thinks they should move since he believes that Cato must have killed Foxface. But Katniss corrects him and tells him the berries were poison.