Hunger Games: Mocking Jay

By Eli.P
  • Beginning

    Katniss stands in the ash-covered ruins of her house looking for stuff to bring back to District 13 as thing to remeber her past while having flashbacks of the games.
  • The Broadcast

    Katnis gets preped to record a motivational speech for the rebelion that will be played on all of the televisions in Panem.
    In the speech she says "People of Panem, we fight, we dare, we end our hunger for justice!"
  • The fight for District 8

    Katniss, Gale, Boggs and the camera crew are dropped of ath District 8 with the intent of saving the people trapped in the hospital. Boggs gets a warning that there is going to be another attack the have run. WHile running away Katnis is hit in the arm.
  • The Attack in District 13

    Haymich tells everyone that Peeta sent a secret message durring the video and it said that the capitol was going to start bombing district 13. Everyone goes to the underground bunker while it was getting bombed for several days.
  • Peeta's return

    When the rescue team gets back everyone is excited but when Peeta saw Katniss he ran up to her and started to choke her. The Capitol has tortured him to the point that they his brain thought of Katniss.
  • Attack on district 2

    Katniss demands to be given a warlike task so she can keep her mind off of all that has been going on, she is assigned to Distrct 2 which is where the capitol keeps its armory. At first Gale comes up with a plan to create an avalanche over the armory but it would kill a lot of innocent people so they instead take POWs
  • Training

    Katniss is frustrated that the rebels were not going to let her fight in the capitol so when she asks Coin and she says it is because Katniss hasn't trained enough, so katniss is assigned 3 weeks of training and then be revaluated. Katniss takes the pre combat test and passes the test perfectly.
  • Into the Captitol

    One of the people in Katniss's squad dies and they are sent a replacment but to everyones suprise it was Peeta, who is still a little messed up from the torture. Katniss believes that Coin sent Peeta because she wants her dead.
  • The unexpected

    Katnis learns that President Snow is in custody, now she can finnaly get revenge on Snow But something odd happens, when Katniss walks up to shoot Snow she stands there for a moment and turns and shots Coin instead.
  • It's all over now.

    Katniss and Peeta get married and have kids and now her kids are starting to learn about the Hunger Games but she is trying to decide how to tell the story of how it all came to be.