hunger games

By coopja
  • death of katniss father

    katniss' father dies in mine explosion
  • Period: to

    katniss Everdeens life

  • peeta

    peeta saves katniss life buy giving her bread
  • tesserae

    katniss first signs up for tesserae (oil and grain). once for herself, once for prim and once more for her mother
    she does this every year
  • reaping

    prim gets chosen in the reaping and katniss volenteers to take her place
  • girl on fire

    katniss stylist comes up with the idea to put katniss on fireto resemble coal burning
  • hunger games

    the 74th annual hunger games were started
  • end of hunger games

    katniss and peeta are the first couple to survive the hunger games