Hungarian War of Independence

  • April laws

    April laws
    It is a collection of laws legislated by Lajos Kossuth with the aim of modernizing the Kingdom of Hungary into a parliamentary democracy, nation-state.
  • Revolution in Vienna

    Revolution in Vienna
    It boosted the revolution in Hungary as well
  • Revolution in Hungary

    Revolution in Hungary
    The revolution broke out on the 15th of march
  • 12 points

    12 points
    It is a list of demands written by the leaders of the Hungarian Revolution
  • Escape of Táncsics Mihály

    Escape of Táncsics Mihály
    They marched to Buda to Helytartótanács demanding Táncsics Mihály to be released
  • First Hungarian responsible government

    First Hungarian responsible government
    Batthyány created the first Hungarian responsible government, in which he was the prime minister
  • Period: to

    The Spring Campaign

    resulted in the liberation of almost the whole
    territory of Hungary from the Habsburg forces
  • Surrender at Világos

    Surrender at Világos
    Görgey surrendered to the Russians at
  • Execution

    Batthyány and 13 generals
    were executed (Arad)