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    Bath House Raids of Toronto

    Multiple bathhouses in Toronto were raided by the Toronto police. By many this is considered to be a turning point in the human right movement. Approximately 300 men were arrested under the charge of pedophilia and prostitution, despite the lack of evidence for both charges. The next day over 3,000 people started protesting, mostly focused on the 52 division police precinct. They smashed car windows and were setting small fires. The vast majority of the charges were thrown out.
  • The First LGBTQ+ Police Committee

    The first LGBTQ+ police liaison committee, with both LGBTQ+ community and the Ottawa police force. As well as Canada's first police unit completely dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of hate crimes.
  • Ban Lifted

    A federal court ruling lifts the ban on different sexual orientations being restricted to join the military.
  • Bill C33

    Bill C33, which formally adds sexual orientation to the Canadian Human Rights Act, as a prohibited grounds of discrimination.
  • First Gay Mayor

    Glen Murray was elected mayor of Winnipeg, he became the first openly gay mayor of a major city in all of North America
  • Gay Publication

    In 2000, the supreme court ruled for gay publication to be protected under the freedom of speech provisions. This was put in question because of a small bookstore in Vancouver called "Little Sister's" filed a suit against Canadas customs.
  • Bill C38

    Bill C38 became federal law, making all of Canada allowed same sex marriage. This made Canada the fourth country in the world to permit same sex marriage in all of the country.
  • Transgender Female- Miss Universe

    The first Transgender Female was allowed to participate in Miss Universe pageant. She was awarded the title of "Miss Congeniality"
  • Bill C279

    In 2013, Bill C279 includes transgender people in the human rights protection.
  • Ban of Conversion Therapy

    December 2021, A vote that ended unanimously was taken in the house of commons banning conversion therapies.