Huckleberry and Yazoo Timeline

  • Project Phoenix Vanished Begins)

    Project Phoenix contacts us. We aren't sure what timeperiod they are or what, but they want us to do research to somehow prevent the future (the past?) from happening. Oh, and LOVELACE gives us datamissions, documents, and virtual "digs".
  • Founding of Huckleberry

    The people in Huckleberry seem a lot like us... they have building supplies, tools, medical care, etc. Nothing really unusual. We don't know exactly what prompted them to leave the other cities. Yet. :)
  • Meanwhile, Yazoo... doing well. The inhabitants also seem fairly like us, as they have engines, flight, metal currency, petroleum and a mail system. We don't know much about them other than that, though.
  • Problems

    Yazoo has threats of hurricanes and boat pieces in their area, implying a flood or other type of water damage. Huckleberry gets disease and is invaded (tons of weapons found). iceskater1016 theorized that Yazoo invaded Huckleberry.
  • Huckleberry

    Huckleberry starts to recover. Used lots of natural resources, not much technology. Pretty simple, used traders and merchants to hear about the outside world. People probably started to worship trees around this time.
  • End of pre-Epoch era

    People start to leave Huckleberry. Younger skeletons found with injuries and health issues. Some developments-- like eyeglasses, jewelry, pottery, and ovens. The asteroid probably hit around this time.