how to break a terrorist by Matthew Alexander, nonfiction, 287

  • pages 1-28

    so far this book is about some of the terrist in the world and its kinda a time line of how it leads up to a event and how people relate in it.
  • Sep 19 pages 28-41

    this part of the book is about them trying to get a terrorist to talk about there plans and what is going to happen. they have no luck when trying to persuade him.
  • pages 42-66

    there still talking to the terrorist and he finally starts to kinda talk about what is happening in iraq. the army start to show him videos of stuff that has happend and then the terrorist crys because it was happeing to his friends and he was worryed about his family.
  • 10/3/12 pages 66-87

    The army is still trying to get evidence and information out of the guy and he isnt wanting to talk intell they start showing him pictures of people that were captured and of places that they have bombed.
  • 10/9/12 pages 88-116

    they are getting him to talk about all of his stuff and as they keep going they talk to him and they start convincing him to talk about how he was and what was happening. they are threating him and saying that the first person to talk is going to be saved but the other ones are going to go to court.
  • 24 oct 2012 pages 151-192

    there is the family that owns the car they are looking for and they come to the room to get information about the sucide bombers and why they were at that house but come to find out they have the wrong set of brothers becasue there neighbors have the same car so they got the wrong people
  • 10/17/12 pages 117-150

    there still trying to get information out of the bothers and the sucide bombers. they find out more info that more people were involved and that they are in a car.
  • 11/12/12 pages 231 to end of book.

    he is getting close to one of the big prisoniors adn is figuring more stuff out and is talking about other things to build a freind ship with him and he got threw his whole faze were he would admit any thing and the guy is now talking aboull of the things that are happeing. Then the other guy got involved and lost all the progress because he borught up other things that made it all worse and now the other guy went back and he got the information out of him and cought the master of the bombings.
  • 11/7/12 pages 193-230

    this part of the book they are getting deaper in to the facts of what is happenig and who is in charge of all the boming and stuff. One of the intergators have think they figured it all out and then he still wants to get more evidence to se if what he thought is true.