Music darby

How Music Has Progressed

  • Record player or phonograph

    Record player or phonograph
    Edison's records were made from tin foil, but his later method known as "Hill and Dale" recording .Early turntables were operated by a spring driven moter that required rewinding for each record played.
  • music with moving picture

    music with moving picture
    The oldest known film with music was made for the kinetophone developed by Thomas Edison that showed moving pictures with a fitted phonograph. In the film the inventor plays music from a popular operettaon a violin as 2 men dance beside him.
  • Radio

    The first ship-to-shore 2 way call radiowas in1922 . It was 400 miles at sea. It was not till 1929 that high seas public radio/ telephone service inaugurated.
  • Music at the movies

    Music at the movies
    In April 1923 , New York City's Rivoli Theater presented the first motion pictures with sound on film , system that synchronized movies and their sound.(The Jazz Singer,"the first full-length talkie in history would premiere in1927 and use the same technology.)
  • CDs

    James T. Russell, a senior scientist at the Pacific Northwest Laboratory, invented the technology for the compact disc in 1965. By 1985, Russell had earned 26 patents for various innovations with CD-ROM technology.
  • CD player

    CD player
    James T. Russell conceived the compact disc player ( CD player) in 1965. While he worked at the Pacific Northwest National Labratoryof the Battelle Memorial Institute of Richland.
  • Audio Cassette

    Audio Cassette
    An audio tape recording mounted into a cassette. They are a format for recording and playingaudio. They consist of a reel to reel tape of of magnetic information.
  • portable MP3 player

    portable MP3 player
    It was designed in the early 1990's and first appeared on the market in1998. The first players had a minimal storage capacity, but throughout the 2000's flashed drive memory was replaced with hard drives in portable mp3 players.
  • iPod

    Apple computers announced their portable music player, the iPod, on Oct. 23,2001. The iPod was announced several months after the release of iTunes.
  • iTunes

    It was apple's idea of a simple virtual music store . Initially, the store only had 200,000 tracks and only Mac users were able to buy and transfer music to their iPod.