Hot Chelle Rae

  • Start of the band

    Start of the band
    Ryan the singer and Nash created the band Miracle Drug then later became called Hot Chelle Rae.
    The impact this had was people immedietly loved their music. Some myspace stalker provided the band with an entertaining era of online activity, which made the band get noticed.
  • First Concert

    First Concert
    The band opened a sold out concert for rapper Lil Jon.
    This made an impact because many people have never seen their band before and this helped people discover their music. Also, this helped Hot Chelle Rae go on tour.
  • First Tour

    First Tour
    They went on tour with the band Verdera.
    The impact this made was that many people started to notice them around the country, and this helped them land a record deal.
  • Signed

    They were signed to Jive Records and began their first album.
    This impacted them a lot because this started their career, and helped them create their first album.
  • First album

    First album
    Their first album Lovesick Electric included "I Like to Dance" and "Bleed"
    This impacted them because it helped them get noticed more, however this did not hit the top charts and wasn't their most popular.
  • "Bleed"

    This song was 31 on the U.S Pop chart.
    Still people didn't know to much about their band yet this helped them get recognized more.
  • "Tonight Tonight"

    "Tonight Tonight"
    Peaked to number 17 on the billboard Hot 100.
    This song was on the radio and showed everyone how good they are and really made people interested to learn more about their band.
  • "I Like it Like That"

    "I Like it Like That"
    Very popular and this song is on the radio and played everyday.
    Immediatly this song was popular and teens and adults loved it. Now most people know and love their band.
  • Pro-Bowl

    Hot Chelle Rae played at the pro-bowl this past Sunday in Hawaii.
    This was internationally showed on tv which showed everyone who Hot Chelle Rae is.
  • Tour

    Early this year Hot Chelle Rae will headline a tour across the U.S before heading to Austrailia for a March arena tour with Taylor Swift.
    This shows people how far they have come and they will win more admirers and still be successfull in the future.