Hosni Mubarak

  • Muhammed Hosni Sayyid Mubarak is born

  • Graduated Military Academy

  • Becomes Chief of Staff of Egyptian Air Force

  • Becomes Commander of Air Force

  • Becomes Air Marshall

  • Mubarak is named President of Egypt

  • Is named Vice President of Egypt

  • Egypt- Israeli Treaty is signed

    A treaty of peace between Egypt and Israel. Egypt officially recognizes Israel as a country
  • President Sadat is assassinated

  • State of Emergency Law is put into place

    Government can now arrest and hold prisoners without charges and without giving them a proper, fair trial
  • Egypt is accepted back into The Arab League

  • Protests start

    First anti- Mubarak protests start
  • Government shuts off internet

    The government shuts of the internet so that news about the protests will not be passed along and because much of the organizing was done via Facebook and Twitter
  • Battle of the Camel

    Pro-Mubarak demonstrators rode through Tahrir Square on camels and horses yielding swords and fighting protesters
  • Mubarak hands powers to Vice President

    Mubarak hands over his powers to Vice President Suleiman
  • Mubarak Resigns

    Mubarak resigns from being President
  • Mubaraks on trial

    Hosni and his sons Araa and Gamar are on trial for corruption and charges and for the murders of protesters