• Stephanie Alnimri born

    The one who decided to create this great nation and bring people together to create a peacful environment without a governing body.
  • Stephanie leaves the United States

    The founder of Hopone left the US in search of a better economic system and force.
  • A nation is created and open to all

    Hopone was created and land was free for those who chose to reside.
  • Hopone reaches a population of 100 people.

  • Hopone created its first law!

    The first law created by our citizens is to all protect one another and help those when in need. We are all one big family.
  • The population reaches 200

    The town of Hopone is growing and more people want to join our nation because of the laid back atmosphere and trusting community.
  • Hopone celebrates 7 years being a nation

    The first annual festival to celebrate the growth and community of the nation Hopone.