By 158413
  • American war of Inderpendence

  • American Declaration of Inderpence

  • Edmund Cartwright patents a power loom

  • French Revolution

  • Tom Paine's The Rigths of Man is published

  • First steam locomotive is operating at Pennywarren, Wales

  • Luddite riots destroys in factories

  • George Stephenson begins a rail service from london to liverpool

  • The great Western is launched in Britain, The first ship build for ocean voyages

  • Restoration in Japan feudalism is abannoded and capitalism and embraced

  • German unification after the Franco-Prussian war leading to Germany's rise as a imperial power

  • Brooklyn Bridge opened

  • Abolition of slavery in the British Empire

  • USA wins over spanish

  • Guglielmo Marconi invent wireless raido

  • The first Zeppelin airship was built

  • Russo-Japense war, Japan beats russia