HomeNetwork UK Company Timeline

  • Company Created

    Home Network UK was founded!
  • First Sale

    HomeNetwork UK sold its first server
  • Officially Unveiled

    Home Network UK was officially unveiled today!
  • Listed as "Internet Retailer of The Year"

    Home Network UK earned "Internet Retailer of the Year" from WHICH? Magazine!
  • Reached 250 customers!

    Home Network UK reached its milestone of 250 customers today!
  • 500 Customers!

    500 happy customers!
  • Introduced new server range!

  • 1st Birthday!

    HomeNetwork UK's first birthday!
  • FaceBook buy from HNUK!

  • 2nd Birthday & 2500 Customers

  • CITIBank come to HNUK for servers!

  • 3rd Birthday & 6,541 Customers!

  • Nearly 4 years old and 9958 happy customers!