Holocaust timeline

  • The Treaty of Versailles

    Germany is forced to admit that they were the ones that began the war, and is also forced to pay for the damage done
  • The beggining of the horror

    The rize of the nazi party
  • The Nazis keep growing

    Japan, Italy and the Austro-Hungarian empire allies with Nazi Germany.
  • Mein Kampf

    The Nazi's bible writen by Adolf Hitler while he was at jail, it represents al the Nazi ideas
  • Hitler becomes the Chancelor

  • Jewish books burned

    The main office of press and propaganda proclaimed a nationwide "Action agains the un-German spirit" campaign, which consisted in burning most of the books writen by Jewish authors
  • Hitler becomes a Fuhrer

  • Berlin Olympics

    The Nazis used this as an international propaganda for Germany
  • Kristallnacht

    This night, the Nazi paramilitary planed coordinated attacks against Jewish throughot Germany and parts of Austria, the Jewish stores were broken and the next day the streets were full of broken glasses
  • Poland taken over

    The blitzkrieg tactic used by the Nazis ends taking over Poland
  • World War II begins

    The invasion of Poland results with the beggining of the WWII
  • The yellow star is obligatory fot the Jewish

    The Nazi force the Jewish to use yellow stars, so they can be separated and recognized
  • 3 more countries join Germany

    Japan, Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Soviet Russia join Germany
  • The final solution

    The concentration camps beggin with full genocide of people prisoner in camps
  • The warsaw-Ghetto is sealed off

    The Nazis force the Jewish to move to Ghettos, deplorable places for them
  • Hitler dies

    The war ends and the peace beggins to reappear
  • Auschbits prisoners liberated

    As the war ends the prisoners of the concentration camps are liberated