By HB10544
  • Adolf Hitler Becomes Chancellor of Germany

    Adolf Hitler becomese the Chancellor of Germany with a nation of 566,00 Jewish people.
  • Dictator of Germany

    Website Adolf Hitler becomes the Dictator of Germany.
  • No Land

    The Jewish people are not allowed to own land.
  • German Labor Front

    The Jewish people were banned form the German Labor Front.
  • No National Health Insurance

    THe Jewish people are not allowed to have the National Health Insurance that others can have.
  • Serving in the Military

    The Nazis banned the Jewish from serving in the Military.
  • Big Red J

    A law was passed that Jewish people must have a passport and it must be stamped with a big red J.
  • Expelled From School

    Jwish people are expelled from their school, if the school they go to is a Non- Jewish German school.
  • No Gold Or Silver

    The Nazis forced the Jews to give up all of their gold and siver.