Holes timeline project

  • Expostion

    Stanely meets Hector (Zero), Rex (X-Ray), Theodore (Armpit), Jose (Magnet), Ricky (Zigzag), Alan (Squid), The Warden, Mr. Pandanski, and Mr. Sir.
  • Rising Action

    Stanley found the gold tube and gave it to X-Ray so he coukd get on the boys good side.
  • Rising Action

    Magnet stole Mr. Sir's sunflower seeds and Stanley took the blame for them.
  • Rising Action

    Stanley offered to help teach Zero to read and write.
  • Rising Action

    Zero ran away after gettin into a fight with one of the boys.
  • Rising Action

    Stanley ran away to find Zero after getting the water truck stuck in a hole.
  • Rising Action

    Stanley and Zero walked to the mountains then Stanley carried Zero up the mountain to find refuge on "big thumb"
  • Climax

    Stanley and Zero sneak back to Camp Green Lake, to find the treasure, when they do The Warden tries to steal it from him. but they had Yellow Spotted Lizards all over them. Once morning came Stanley's lawyer came and said he was innocent and to realease him.
  • Falling Action

    Stanley and Zero return home
  • Resolution/Denouement

    Zero and his mother and finally reunited again. Also Stanley's father made a commercial with Clyde Livingston.