• Shoes fall on Stanleys head Initial Incident

    After walking home from schoola pair of smelly shoes fall on stanleys head he takes its a sign that his fathers invention will work
  • Stanley is sent to camp Green lake Rising action

    After one month the judge did not believe stanleys story about the shoes falling one him and the he is proven guilty aand sent to camp green lake.
  • Zero runs away from Camp Green Lake Rising action

    After a fight with Armpit and Stanley Mr Padanski is hit with a shovel from Zero because Mr Padanski says he is dumb and knows nothing
  • Stanley steals Mr Sir's water truck and runs off to find Zero Rising action

    Stanley saw the keys of mr Sir's water truck and slipped around to the driver side. he revs the engine it won't move as Twitch yells "put it in gear``. Stanley puts in in high and pins the gas the truck at took 15 secounds untill the truck drove straght into a hole. stanley jumped out of the truck and ran, after 5 hours Stanley finds Zero
  • The walk up Big Thumb Rising action

    Stanley told Zero of a mountain that looked like a thumb an dthat it was there last chance. Around sun rise Stanley and Zero were standing att the base of the mountain. Half way up the Mountain zero passed out and stanley had to carry him up the rest of the way.
  • The walk back to camp Green Lake Climax

    After one week Stanley and Zero decide to go back to Camp Green Lake to find Kate Barlows stolen money.after making there way back to the camp the two of them hide in a hole untill night.
    after all the campers went to bad. Stanley and zero ra to the hole they began to dig and after 4 more feet they find a leather handle Zero pulls it out and right when he sit back the warden walks up and thanks them for finding what she has bin looking for. 20 yellow spotted lizzerds come running out and cover
  • continued falling action

    Zero and Stanley. Its not long said the Warden. at day break a the two af them were still sitting there another 2 hours go by and a man and girl show up looking for Stanley Yelnats. the lizzerds ran down the hole Stanley jumped up and runs back. The brief case had Stanleys name on it so stanleys lawyers told the Warden she could not take it. And because they have no record of Zero the Lawyers had rights over him.