Catcher in the rye by kamiyari

Holden's Travels

  • Thompson Hill

  • Mr. Spencer's House

  • Dorms

  • In Agerstown

  • Return to dorms, fight with Stradlater

  • Leaving Pencey

  • Penn Station, NY

  • Edmont Hotel

  • Lavendar Room

  • Ernie's

  • Return to Edmont

    Holden gets some sleep.
  • Dropping off bags at GCS

  • Sandwich Shop with Nuns

  • Broadway Record Shop, Drugstore, Central Park, Museum of Natural History

  • Show, Skating and Drinking with Sally

  • Drugstore, Movie at Radio City then The Wicker Bar

  • Drunk at Central Park

  • Snuck Home to see Phoebe

  • Leaves home for Mr.Antolini's

  • Grand Central Station, Breakfast, Fifth Avenue

    Holden get's a few hours of sleep here.
  • Phoebe's School

  • Art Museum with Phoebe

  • At the Zoo with Phoebe

  • At the carrousel with Phoebe

  • Hospital, Present Day