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Hitler's Restriction 1933-1939

By kevinly
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    Hitler's Restriction 1933-1939

  • Forbidden lawyers

    Jewish lawyers were forbidden to work as lawyers in Berlin
  • Jewish teachers banned

    Jewish teachers were banned from teaching in state schools
  • Jewish writers banned from literary work

    Jewish writers were not allowed to carry out any form of literary work in Germany
  • Bench for Jews

    Jews were only allowed to sit on benches marked "For Jews"
  • Citizenship removed

    All Jews had their citizenship removed
  • Equipment handed over

    Jews had to hand over electrical and optical equipment, bicycles, typewriters and records
  • Anti-Jewish posters removed

    Anti-Jewish posters were temperorarily removed during the Olympic Games which took place in Berlin
  • Members of the German Red Cross

    Jews were forbidden to become members of the German Red Cross
  • Declarance of Finances

    Jews had to declare their finances so that their assests could be seized by the government
  • Forbidden Wills

    Non-Jews were forbidden to leave anything in their wills to Jews
  • Passport stamped

    Jewish passports had to be stamped with the letter "J"
  • Banned from Businesses

    Jews were banned from running a retail or wholesale business
  • Jewish children banned from Schools

    Jewish children were no longer allowed to attend state schools
  • Valuables handed over

    Jews had to hand in jewellery, gold, silver, platinum and pearls to the police
  • Home Restrictions

    Jews were not allowed to leave their homes after 8pm, in the winter or 9pm in the summer.