Hitler's Restriction 1933-1939

  • Jewish Lawyers

    Jewish Lawyers
    Jewish lawyers to work as lawyers in Berlin.
  • Jewish Teachers

    Jewish Teachers
    Jewish teachers were banned from teaching in state schools.
  • Jewish Musicians

    Jewish Musicians
    Jewish musicians were not allowed to worki in state orchestras.
  • Segregation

    Jews were only allowed to sit on benches marked 'For Jews'.
  • Nuremberg Laws

    All Jews had their German citizenship removed.
  • Property taken away

    Jews had to hand over electrical and optical equipment, bicycles, typewriters and records.
  • Anti-Jewish Posters

    Anti-Jewish posters were temporarily removed during the Olympic Games which took place in Berlin.
  • Conversion

    Even if Jews converted to Christianity and were baptised, they were still to be classed as members of the Jewish race.
  • German Red Cross

    German Red Cross
    Jews were forbidden to become members of the German Red Cross.
  • Jewish Doctors

    Jewish doctors were no longer allowed to work as doctors.
  • Jewish names

    Male Jews were forced to add the name 'Israel
    amd female Jews the name 'Sara', to their first names.
  • Jews Banned

    Jews were no longer allowed to run independent businesses as crafts people. They were also banned running a retail or wholesale business.
  • Luxury goods

    Luxury goods
    Jews had to hand in jewellery, gold, silver, platnium and pearls to the police.
  • Eviction

    Jews could be evicted from their homes without a reason given and without notice being served.
  • Restrictions

    Jews were not allowed to leave their homes after 8:00pm in the winter or 9:00pm in the summer.