historyof santa anna california

  • mision San Juan Capistrano

    mision San Juan Capistrano
    was established within this valley. this santa ana valley comtrised most of what is now called Orange Country.
  • Mexican Independence

    Mexican Independence
    in 1810 year of the commencement of the war of Mexican Indepence (1810, 1821) Jose Antonio Yorba
  • Alta California

    Alta California
    Alta California became part of the U.S.A and American settler arrived in this area
  • Kentuckian

    spurgeon on land obtain from the descendents of Jose Antonio Yorba
  • Orange Country

    Orange Country
    Santa Ana was incorporate as a city in 1886 with a population of 2000 and 1889 beome the seat of the newly formed Orange Country
  • Pacific Electric Railway

    Pacific Electric Railway
    from Los Angeles was extended to Santa Ana running around four street downtown
  • Glenn L. Martin aviation company

    Glenn L. Martin aviation company
    Santa ana was the home of the original Glenn L. Martin aviation conpany founded in 1912before merging with the wright company in 1916
  • Santa Ana Freeway

    Santa Ana Freeway
    increasing the ease of travel by autobile
  • Downtown area

    Downtown area
    Santa Ana has been characterized by an effort to revitalize the downtown area which had declined in influence
  • Mainplace mall

    Mainplace mall
    was apened north of downtown and became major retail center of the area