History Timeline Final Assignment

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    Michael Argenziano History Timeline Assignment

  • Collapse of The USSR

    The collapse of the USSR in 1991 was an important event in history. It happened when Plekhanov and his personal arrived the Crime resort and demanded Gorbachev to sign a document transferring his power over, and he refused. It reshaped global politics that ended the Cold War era. It was very important because it led to the emergence of independent nations in Europe/Central Asia. The collapse of the USSR paved the way for democracy and economic reform in former USSR territory.(History Central)
  • World Trade Center Bombing

    The World Trade Center bombing was a terrorist attack where a van bomb detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center. The attack was planned by a group of terrorists and there ended up being four men convicted of carrying out the bombing. One of the attackers had spent some time at a al-Qaeda training camp before starting in 1991 to plan this attack. This is very interesting to read about and the aftermath of it because of how much it changed our country. (Britannica)
  • Clinton's Approval Rating

    Clintons approval rating in 1993 had been an impressive 64 percent. Three months later it had fallen to 37 percent. I thought this event was very important to include because this was a pivotal point in history. This reflected the publics viewpoint on his presidency and him as a president. Clintons rating changed the future of American politics. (Kruse and Zelizer, 209)
  • Oklahoma City Bombing

    The Oklahoma City Bombing occurred in 1995 and this was a pivotal moment in history due to it remaining one of the deadliest terrorist assault on US soil until the World Trade Center in 2001 and therefore in my opinion that is why I feel like it had to be included. The bomb was homemade and concealed in a rental truck in which exploded damaging Alfred Murray Federal Building. A total of 168 people were killed during this attack and 500 were injured during the attack. (Britanica, 1)
  • The Khobar Tower Bombings

    The Khobar Tower Bombings was an event that occurred over seas in Saudi Arabia. This attack killed 19 US military personnel. This attack destroyed most of a apartment complex that was home to the 440th Fighter Wing. I think that this attack had to be included because of how it was carried out by islamic terrorists who were seeking removal of the US presence in Saudi Arabia. This was when we started to see a rise in Islamic terrorism. (Americas Best History)
  • NATO Alliance Expands Into Europe

    In 1997 we see the NATO Alliance Expands Into Europe when it invite4s the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland in 1999. The expansion of NATO was crucial for security reasons in history and even for today and that is why I found it important to include this in this timeline. It broke up potential aggression and rathe promoted democratic values. Overall this expansion drastically helped national security and we still see the effect of it today. (Americas Best History)
  • George W. Bush is Elected

    George W. Bush elected is an important stamp in history because of its impact on foreign policy. During his presidency we saw one of the worst terrorist attacks in history, 9/11. This is why I felt this was important to add because of how this led to the War on terror and us deploying troops into Afghanistan and Iraq. Overall, I think it was very important to add him to this timeline because of the lasting impact that his presidency had on the United States. (History Central)
  • Terrorist Attack On Twin Towers

    The terrorist attack on the twin towers, also known as 9/11 is something that is one of the most important moments in history. The effects that this terrorist attack had on global politics, security, and society as a whole are very profound. This attack led to the focus on fighting back against terrorism andante increase in security worldwide. This event also had very long lasting effects on so many people as effects have been seen in people who have deleted cancer. (Kruse and Zelizer, 209)
  • US Invades Iraq

    In 2003 the US invaded Iraq and this has had many significant impacts on society as well as many consequences. This was an invasion that was performed because of the 9/11 terrorism attacks. This invasion ended in overthrowing the Saddam Hussein regime but it also started a long military occupation in Iraq. This invasion did not only cost the US a lot of money but it also costed many civilians their lives as well as military. This was a very important and pivotal event. (History Central)
  • iPhone Is Born

    The birth of the iPhone is something in history that I feel like is not highlighted as much as it should be. The invention of the iPhone marked a point in time where technology would change forever. The design of the iPhone and the ability it has is something out of this world. The idea of having basically a whole computer in your pocket is crazy and I don't think it is appreciated enough today. The iPhone extends beyond technology as it influences people socially and culturally.(HistoryCentral)
  • Affordable Care Act is Passed

    When the Affordable Care Act was passed and this is a landmark in US history in terms of healthcare. This act wanted to expand access to health care and make it much more accessible to people. One thing that this at did was stop insurance companies from denying coverage because of preexisting conditions. This act also made it cheaper for low income families to have health insurance. Overall I thought this was very important to include because of the drastic change in healthcare.(History Central)