Timeline for history project Redone- Check descriptions for each event for the real date.

  • Oil discovery summary

    Oil was at first obsolete. It was only used for fuel in kerosene lamps and for patching holes in boats. But then cars and airplanes were invented. And oil demand skyrocketed. It was used for all cars and planes so the demand for it was really high. Slowly more and more wells started to pop up around Texas. In some places they were so close together that you could step from well to well without even touching the ground.
  • Period: to


  • Galveston hurricane

    The real date is september 8, 1900.
  • Spindletop

    The real date is january 10, 1901
  • 20th century

    The real date is just 1901
  • Texas has 3600 wells

    The real date is 1931.
  • Oil bust

    The real date is around 1933.
  • Progresive Era summary

    During this time we were working towards the ban of making, selling, consuming and shipping alcohol. We had around 160 dry counties meaning they had no alcohol but we still had some wet meaning they still had alcohol. Also women still did not have the right to vote so they tried to stand up to earn that right. It took a while but they finally got the right to vote. Their right to vote was finally granted by the 19th amendment.
  • Government lends Money to schools

    The real dates is the year 1876.
  • 18th amendment passed

    The real date is 1918.
  • 19th amendment passed

    The real date is 1919.
  • Food and drug act

    The real date is june 30th, 1906
  • Mickinny shot

    The real date is 1890
  • WWI summary

    Archduke Franz Ferdinand from Hungary was assassinated on June 18, 1914 which started World War I. The U.S. Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat which caused us to join World War I on April 6, 1917. Then Britain intercepted a telegraph sent to Mexico from Germany. It was named the Zimmerman telegraph. It talked about how if Mexico helped Germany, Germany would give Mexico some of “it’s” land back.
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinand

    The real date is June 18, 1914
  • U.S. declares war on Germany

    The real date is April 6, 1917
  • W.W.I. begins

    The real date is 1944
  • Zimmerman telegraph

    The real date is 1917
  • Mexican government strikes

    the real date us 1947
  • The Great depression summary

    The great depression was a time that money was hard to come by. Dust bowls started happening 1932 and lasted till 1941. The dust bowls were happening because of poor farming techniques. Farmers had used all the topsoil’s nutrients and it became very dust like. Then when the strong winds picked up it lifted away all soil not held by grass.
  • Stock market crash

    the real date is 1929
  • Black tuesday

    The real date is 1929
  • Dust bowl

    The real date is 1932-1941
  • 3.2 mill unemployed

    The real date is 1930
  • Bank collapse

    The real date is 1931.
  • WWII summary

    First Germany invaded Poland which is what started World War II. Then Japanese bombing planes bomb a war port in Hawaii and this incident became known as Pearl Harbor. Then D-Day came and passed. Then we bombed a city in japan named Hiroshima and we also bombed Nagasaki. Germany surrendered before the bombs were dropped on them. And finally in 1945, WWII was finally over.
  • Pearl Harbor

    the real date is 12/7/1941
  • D-day

    the real date is 1944
  • Germany invades Poland

    the real date is 1939
  • Bombing Hiroshima

    the real date is 1945
  • War ended

    the real date is 1945