history thing

By nessakc
  • Period: to

    Bolshevik Revolution

  • Wilson's Fourteen Points

    President Woodrow Wilson of the United States proposed a document to propose world peace. This document would later be used as a basis for treaties but would ultimately fail.
  • Armistice Signed

    Agreement to stop fighting between Britain, France and Germany
  • Paris Peace Conference

    A meeting of the allied victors to decide the peace terms and punishments for the losing countries.
  • Treaty of Versailles Signed

    This ended the war between the Allied states and Germany exactly five years after Archduke Ferdinand was assassainated.
  • St. Germain

  • Neuilly

  • Franco-Polish

  • Period: to

    US Kills the Treaty of Versailles

  • Trianon

  • Sevres

  • Riga

  • Rapallo

  • Rise of Mussolini

  • Locarno

  • Germany Joins League

  • Geneva Naval Conference

  • Pact of Paris

  • Great Depression

  • London Naval Treaty

  • Manchuria Crisis

  • Geneva Disarmament

  • Hitler Named Chancellor

  • Japan Leaves League

  • Germany Leaves League

  • Russia Joins League

  • Abyssinia Crisis

  • Italy Leaves League

  • Rhineland Occupied

  • Rome-Belin Axis Signed